You will love this underrated mesmerizing Village love story song by Rajat Bakshi and Khushi Chaudhry

Many times we just kept scrolling down to find something different to feel beyond our heart in newly launched songs on youtube and suddenly we find a not so popular not so famous artist whose work gives us a very beautiful melodious feeling. This is what this music video is all about. It doesn’t where it come from either with a big brand name or by a big personality but it can come from anywhere and can last forever in our hearts from there.

Today we are talking about a recently released music video titled “TU HI MERA RAB” whicb will give us the same mesmerizing feeling even if we kept listening it for thousands of time. This lovely song is a gem of music industry. This video has been released on the official channel of “ELEGANT EYE MUSIC”, Tu Hi Mera Rab has been sung by upcoming Indian star singer RAJAT BAKSHI and it featured young actress KHUSHI CHAUDHRY as the female lead.

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Rajat Bakshi has given his melodious voice to this song and is also leading this song along with young beautiful actress and one of top Instagram influencer Khushi Chaudhry. This song will be very much loved by all of you because it doesn’t shows a rich lifestyle like big brand cars and breathtaking views, it shows a simple living village love story which will make you feel like it’s all about you.

At the end, the entire team has worked well all together. With great dedication and hope, this music video has been released. They really faced a lot of struggles in this journey of music video but they never gave up and continued to implement their thoughts and this is the reason for their success today. Rahul Chahal is the director but he showed his contribution in every department like how to create a world of the characters of the video, set dressing with his production design team. Despite every problem and every restriction, they brought this village music video pretty well. We hope they continue to shine in this field and bring some more music videos for everyone around there.

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