Meet Kushal Kumar Kottary: The Businessman from Qatar Making Waves in the World of Cricket and Sustainability

Kushal Kumar Kottary

Kushal Kumar Kottary was born in Mangalore, India on December 6, 1979, into a middle-class family. His father’s name is A. Mohan Kottary and his mother’s name is Lolakshi Mohan. Kushal is married to Lubna Kausar, and they have three children: Ayaan Kushal, Kashish Kushal, and Aryan Kushal.

Kushal completed his high school education at JDK High School and his pre-university studies at Ramakrishna College. During his college days, he worked during the day and studied after work. He later earned his bachelor’s degree from Besant Evening College.

Kushal has more than 22 years of in-depth cross-functional international exposure, offering a verifiable track record in the healthcare sector, with versatile international experience in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar. He is an entrepreneur, and his journey as a business owner began with his love for cricket. Kushal is the proud owner of the Champion team in Qatar, the “Warriors Cricket Club.” The club has produced around seven players for the Qatar National team, and their training center has produced good players for the team, hoping to qualify for the next ICC World Cup.

Cricket has given Kushal so much that he wanted to give back in return, and thus, he started a cricket academy in Qatar, the “Warriors Sports Center.” The academy provides scholarships to kids with extraordinary talent and underprivileged kids, all while he was still working in healthcare. However, in early 2021, he started his new full-time business on sustainability and eco-friendly construction, as this is required due to climate change and global warming. Kushal wants to leave something for his kids to be proud of and give back to mother nature.

Kushal’s new business venture is focused on bringing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to India. His company’s product, “Green Magic Homes and Vertical Green,” aims to resolve food security issues and build eco-friendly energy-efficient houses and resorts. Kushal believes in leading by example and is easily approachable to all staff, from junior level to the board members. He believes that making mistakes is part of the learning process and tries not to repeat the same mistake.

Kushal doesn’t waste time in taking decisions, and most times, it pays off. He doesn’t do micromanagement, but the staff expects him to do so. Kushal loves meeting new people, and being in the Middle East, he is exposed to a lot of other nationalities compared to back home in India. However, he has his wife’s unwavering support, who has been there for him day-in-day-out. He also has two other important people in his success who are not family but are more than family. They always believed in him during his hard times – Stafford Hayes and Tayseer Malkawi.

Kushal’s cricket team, the “Warriors Cricket Club,” has been champions for more than four years in all formats. He credits the success to his team members, especially Tamoor Sajad and Assad Borham, who have led the team. Kushal is currently recruiting new players for the 2023 season and is hoping they will perform well in the domestic league and qualify for the national side. Under his leadership Warriors Cricket Club has won two International tournament one in South Africa “Capetown Super Sixes 2017 and other one in Croatia “Mediterranean Cricket League 2019”.

In conclusion, Kushal Kumar Kottary is a businessman who has made his mark in the world of cricket and sustainability. He is an entrepreneur who believes in giving back to society and the environment. His journey has been nothing short of inspiring, and we can expect great things from him.

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