The family of martyrs is our family: Shaurya Naman Foundation

This name “Shaurya Naman” has become a definition of respect for martyrs, service to the families of martyrs and the strength of all soldiers that us organisation like Shaurya Naman with help of some people are there to serve the soldier’s family and take care of their parents. The organisation ensures to provide service and safety to the parents of martyrs and their families, working for the livelihood and good life of Shaurya Vadhu, construction and maintenance of memorials of martyrs, that includes working in the field of children’s education and pilgrimage.  

Along with this, working for the environment by planting trees in the memory of the martyrs, reviving the water bodies in the name of martyrs in their residential rural areas, health care, organizing bravery saga and many other social issues and services are for the society.  

The composition of this feeling, this trust, comes from the minds and heart of the youth who were moved by the Pulwama attack in the year 2019. 

This led to the founding of an organisation where the martyrs of soldiers were converted into worthwhile memory for their family and people all around India.

“Shaurya Naman Samiti” was established by Shri Ramesh Chandra Sharma (Dada) from Indore Madhya Pradesh in the year 2019.  Founder President of this committee: Ramesh Chandra Sharma, Vice President Narendra Kushwaha, Secretary Kavita Sharma, Joint Secretary Shivendra Rawat, Treasurer Vinay Dixit, Member Dinesh Patidar, Member Mahendra Koge.

Within a year, the associates of the organization also started the work of serving martyrs outside Madhya Pradesh and the organization was registered as “Shaurya Naman Foundation” (National) in the year 2020 by Ramesh Chandra Sharma and Kavita Sharma.

The brand ambassador of the organization is Pandit Abhishek Gautam who has got the names of more than 630 martyrs tattooed on his body.

Ramesh Sharma “Dada” says……. The existence of any “nation” is associated with the patriotism of its citizens. The two wheels on which the axis of “patriotism” rotates are contributions and sacrifices. Our soldiers and soldiers of the security forces are making “sacrifices” every day, without any hesitation, for the security and integrity of the nation.  They don’t think who would take their old parents to the hospital after them, what the future of their children would be without them, who would be responsible for the social and economic security of their families.

Our “contribution”, support in relation to their “sacrifice” for the nation becomes inevitable and expected. This is where our responsibility begins. This responsibility and contribution cannot be mere economic support. It is a national, social, and moral responsibility, a redemption. This is a “Naman” — a salute arising every moment from every ounce of the nation for soldiers who made supreme sacrifice.

Shaurya Van (शौर्य वन ) – The objective of the organization is to serve the families of martyrs and also to build Shaurya Teerth places which will be completely dedicated to environmental protection and water conservation.  In this forest, in all the states of the country, there will be a tree in the name of the immortal martyrs of that state and complete information about the martyrs on its platform.  The aim here is also to narrate the story of great personalities.

“Shaurya Teerth Darshan” (शौर्य तीर्थ दर्शन) – Ramesh Chandra Sharma believes that “martyr’s family is our family” The proof of this sentiment is Shaurya Teerth Darshan Yatra. In this, the sacred task of taking the martyr’s parents, wife and children on pilgrimage is done by the “Putra Dharma”.  is proof of discharge. 

Till now, 4 memorials have been constructed and 10 memorials have been rebuilt by the Shaurya Naman Foundation. Honor ceremonies of martyrs have been organized in the capitals of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The story of martyrs is posted daily on social media platforms by the IT wing of Shaurya Naman so that the correct story of martyrs can reach the people.

It is also important for you to know that all the youth doing this noble work do some job, study or their own work and every day they take out possible time and give their time to the organization so that one day the entire country  Shaurya Naman family will be able to reach the families of martyrs and by serving these families, we can give strength to the new youth that if a son goes to the border or joins the army to serve the country, then thousands of brothers will come to serve our family.  are at home.

You too can fulfill your filial duty by becoming a companion and ally of these youth.

visit  or call 9111010007/8- 9713404041

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