Tamaring Heights Creations will make sure , once again Bengali Theatre Prevails all over the country : the founder & CEO Sayak

founder & CEO Sayak, Sayak Ghatak,

Culture and Kolkata tend to be synonymous with each other. A very vibrant example of this scene is Tamaring Heights creations. The organization was born in the year 2021 on the 28th of November by a young engineering student and theatre enthusiast Sayak Ghatak. Sayak’s brainchild Tamering Heights, is a unique proposition in the heart of Kolkata that is based on Bengal’s love for culture. The organization aims to promote Bengali theatre as well as unleash the inner artist within the young generation.

Sayak aims to revive the rich heritage of theatre. The company has organized many theater workshops in North Bengal and Kolkata. Sayak believes that the love for art has no bounds and hence he conducted workshops with the Calcutta blind school. His workshop witnesses many eminent personalities of theater and culture across Bengal.

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