Sharad Kumar Yadav Is The New Generation Leader Bihar Needs Today

Sharad Kumar Yadav

When the biggest of politicians disappoint, young blood is needed to bring a change in society. Sharad Kumar Yadav is that young blood who is expected to bring a revolution in the land of Bihar. Sharad Kumar is an active politician and social worker and a rising face that tackles the problems of a common man.
With great philanthropy work, he has created his image of a young political leader and social activist whose main aim is to help the citizens. The 24-year-old politician hails from Banka, Bihar, and currently resides in there.

He constantly raises his voice against the regressive policies of the ruling government and brings forth the opinions of a common man. He heavily criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for poorly handling the Covid situation.

Apart from being a constant voice for the common man, Sharad Kumar Yadav also did phenomenal work on a social level. In 2020, when a nationwide lockdown was imposed and lakhs of migrants were stuck in other states, he helped in bringing them to their home state Bihar. Sharad Kumar arranged for the transportation and food of thousands of migrants and reunited them with their loved ones. He was even nominated for the Dainik Bhaskar Inspiration Award 2021 for his exemplary work during the pandemic.

Sharad also constantly mentions the importance of women’s safety and empowerment. He, in a true sense, is the new Generation Leader Bihar needs today.




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