Musician, composer, and artist entrepreneur Rahul Dobwal enthrals all with his latest EP, “Hindia.”

Rahul Dobwal

The 5-track EP has been creating massive buzz around him in the industry, thrusting him forward in the world of music.

The kind of incredible growth and success a few industries have attained over the years can be attributed to so many different factors. Some say it is because of the relentless passion, drive, and commitment a few professionals work with under their brands and businesses, and some others say it is because of the latest tech trends and tech advancements that make all the difference in those sectors. However, a few experts across varied industries of the world opine that a combination of both leads industries to exponential levels of growth and success. A similar opinion is of a rising musician, composer, and artist entrepreneur Rahul Dobwal, who is now enthralling with his latest EP, “Hindia.”

Hindia, a 5-track EP, has been making all the right buzz for him in the industry and attracting the attention of many music listeners and lovers worldwide. This artist entrepreneur is the one who has been successfully running his music company Teasy Digital (, offering top music services and helping budding artists’ music be well-recognized worldwide. They do this by maximizing their potential in music with the help of modern-day tools and helping them distribute, monetize, promote and analyze to empower their clients.

Rahul Dobwal, a music artist under his new EP Hindia, has offered five powerful tracks like Bharat Wani, Pathik, Sangam, Tatva, and Unati. His previous songs like Tujhko Jo Paaya, Mann Mera, Aaja We Mahiya, and Midnight Monster have done exceedingly well on music charts and music streaming platforms like Spotify (

Besides being this incredible music artist, with his business ventures, Teasy Digital Entertainment and Teasy Digital Publishing have been determinedly working toward creating greater opportunities for artists to flourish in the industry by giving them control and ownership of their work in music. As the CEO of Teasy Digital, he has made the company one of the most prominent music networks in India.

Rahul Dobwal (@rahuldobwal) now can’t wait to stun people with his latest EP and the many soul-tugging songs he has created under it to serve listeners with something new and refreshing.

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