MTV Fame Star Sarthak Arrives at Shree Sunny Classes

MTV Fame Star Sarthak Arrives at Shree Sunny Classes

Teacher’s Day Festival was celebrated with great pomp by Shree Sunny Classes located in Jhumri Tilaiya at Maheshwari Bhawan. In which after walking from Mumbai, MTV Fame Star Sarthak Jhumri reached Tilaiya’s holy earth for the second time. This program was inaugurated by Koderma Zilla Parishad President Shri Ramdhan Yadav, Vice President Smt. Nirmala Devi, Social Worker Kumkum Devi, Ram Kumar, Suraj Kumar, Jackie, Gagan sir and many people did it together. The program was started by lighting the lamp, garlanding Dr. Sarva Palli Radhakrishnan, Late Shrikant Yadav. In this program one by one art was done by the children and the audience was forced to dance. given. The same program was started with the song Aarambh Hai Prachanda Tera. He forced the people to clap by performing solo, duet group dance, singing, comedy and one to one art in this program. Sarvepalli asked to follow the path of Radhakrishna ji.

He told the dignity of a teacher. Mrs. Shalini Gupta, who was present on the same stage, also told the importance of Eklabhya and Dronacharya’s relationship and told the children that you should always be a good citizen and move forward with the aim of serving the country. On the other hand, the Zilla Parishad Smt. Nirmala Devi ji, who was present on the stage, also inspired the children to always move forward and tell that you always understand the dignity of the gurus and the way a teacher dedicates himself to the career of the children. Similarly, children should also dedicate themselves for their future. The present Mrs. Kumkum Devi also tried to explain a lot to the children from her side and also gave inspiration to the children. Conducting the stage, Deepu Sir and Nikki Kumari enthralled the audience for 6 hours by performing a one-to-one shayari comedy song. Director of Shree Shani Classes Sunny Sir and teacher Akash Kumar Mukesh Kumar also encouraged the children and tried to explain that children, as much as you work hard now, you will get more success ahead, so now at this age you have to dedicate yourself. By taking this study towards your career then there will be happiness in your life. Around 100+ children showed their talent in the programme. At the same time, MTV Famous Star Sarthak Kumar, who came from Mumbai, forced the children to dance for 2 hours and by showing their art, motivated the children that you can pursue your career only through studies, your own parents do not fulfill your dreams.

If you want to do any thing with passion, then you will definitely get the destination and told about your life that when you move forward in life, you will have to face many struggles, but do not be afraid of this struggle, struggle You have to learn from it, learn from trouble and keep moving forward! The same children asked Mr. Sarthak Kumar one by one, how to move forward in life, how to face the adversity, while answering all, Sarthak Kumar won the hearts of the people. In this program, about 400 people reached and forced themselves to clap. Gagan sir, who was present, also inspired the children a lot and asked them to always move forward in life. His Guardian Swaroop Shri Sitaram Pandit also gave this message to the children that at the present age, you only have to focus on studies, nothing but studies, the more you study now, the more you will reach a higher rank. The program included Comedy Dance Classical Dance, Punjabi Dance, Haryanvi Dance, Hyderabadi Dance, and Inspiration Dance. Suraj Pratap, director of Jhumritilaiya’s most famous dance academy, Rhythm Dance Academy, who became a part of the program, also gave such messages to the children with very good things. And together, the most famous Chandravanshi studio of Jhumritilaiya, who became a part, contributed a lot, through which such a big program was successful. In the end, all the children were honored by giving medals.
Akash sir did the memorandum of thanks for this program! Akash, Nilesh, Sanjeet, Ajay, Saurav, Harsh, Parita, Rishabh, Suraj, Shivam, Suruchi, Anjali Riya, Swati, Rajshree, Komal, Diksha Dilip and many students were present in the program.

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