Exceptionally Skilled Artist Zaydd Is Making Waves In The Music Industry With His Creativity


Versatility is one of the greatest virtues a singer or a musician can possess and the musician Zaydd is turning heads in the industry with his versatile talents. He has released his single ‘Xubaxh’ as an independent artist and the song’s performance proved that his talent is in the industry to say. This single was his official debut as a worldwide artist which was released under a label in 2021. The song was first released on YouTube and with that much appreciation and praise from the viewers, the singer did not look back again.

Born on 3 February 2003, In Assam, the singer started his official musical journey on YouTube and quickly moved to Soundcloud to increase his audience base. As mentioned before, the versatility runs like blood in Zaydd and his creative choices are great proof of that. Not only he sings, but he has also made tracks for respected and reputed artists like Prandeep Hazarika, Chandeep Hazarika, and many more. Besides being an exceptional talent in singing and creating enjoyable tracks, he is also the first ever EDM Producer to sign with the Label, Plug Records, which manages his account on Soundcloud.

His creativity does not stop at just being a musician, as he is exploring genres like acting as well. Working with various music videos currently, it is applauding that the musician is so young and has already achieved so many great things. Already he has become a verified artist on Spotify and iTunes and has many more passionate project releases ahead.

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