Dr. Jyoti Gupta crowned as Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2022

Dr. Jyoti Gupta

Veni-Vidi-Vici; she came, she saw, she conquered. Dr. Jyoti Gupta, resident of Kolkata, a name that has made a separate identity of her own in the glamour industry with her flamboyant personality, hard work and determination. Dr. Jyoti Gupta, a general & laparoscopic surgeon, participated in Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2022, held in ITC Welcomhotel, Delhi and emerged as the winner of the same. Along with that Dr. Jyoti was also awarded the subtitle of Mrs. Body Beautiful 2022. The gorgeous beauty queen, with a charming smile and bold attitude while talking to the media revealed about her journey to the crown.

“The journey began as a dream when I was a teenager, and the moment I received a call from the organising team of Mrs. India Queen of Substance that i have been selected as one of the top 25 finalists, there was no turning back. With self-discipline, self-belief and a methodically followed diet and fitness regime, the journey was a life-changing experience. My husband has been my pillar of support throughout this journey. My family always believed in me that I will make my mark at this platform as well.

Their presence and belief in me gave me the strength to keep moving forward and never give up”. She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of the show for providing such a huge platform to women for showcasing their talents and voice their opinion. Dr. Jyoti further told that she wants to spread awareness about breast cancer. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in women globally.

There are various causative factors of this cancer and the treatment is multi-faceted. Dr. Jyoti says that she wants to spread more awareness among women about the correct method of conducting self breast examination, regular breast health check-ups after the age of 40 and on how to reduce risk factors associated with breast cancer. In her opinion, early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. When asked what is the message that she wants to give to our nation’s younger generation she replied “Be confident and courageous and be yourself. Every morning when we wake up, we have a choice to play the hero or the victim, choose to be the hero. Be bold, pursue your dreams and never give up”.

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