Decoding Personality : mind consultant from Bangalore opens up

Sandeep Raj Chelory

“I’ve been interested in criminal psychology since I was a child, and in college, I learned about Wilhelm Wundt (German psychologist); Patrick Jane from a series called Mentalist, portrayed by Simon Baker.” These characters had a significant impact in unexpected ways.“, Sandeep recalls his reason for walking into his profession. 

The 29-year-old Sandeep Raj Chelory from Bengaluru is one of the leading mind consultants in town for 6 years. After graduating in Psychology, he got interested in learning more about the human mind. He pursued graphology and hypnosis along with decoding the various traits of human nature. After meeting his cousin, Magic Leo, a well-known close-up magician and hypnotist, Sandeep’s passion for psychology and healing science became a reality.

Sandeep was ready to dip a toe in the new concept called “mind consultant “comprising these sub-concepts of healing science. Sandeep strongly believes every human being should be able to think and deal with issues for themselves. According to him anyone – may it be a psychologist, mind reader or so should only be a minor medium that helps people to channel in the right path and not force them into solutions. 

Sandeep as a mind consultant has been helping and guiding people to overcome their fears, anxiety, stress, and issues related to their life, and “to understand themselves “while maintaining a healthy mind. 

He began his career with a group of international clients who were dealing with business, relationship, and family issues. His goal is to make people figure out their life on their own than give solutions for the short term, he also talks about the misconception people have towards his profession. He says People always mistake him to be a psychologist and do not recognize him for his profession. “I decode the personality of people by graphology and conversation; hypnosis helps to overcome psychological blocks or mind-related matters. “This is what I do as a mind consultant”, he added.

 He repetitively focuses on explaining his profession. His new conceptual method has aided a large number of people in their long-term mental growth and evolution.  

According to him, his professional manner is very simple and straightforward compared to typical practices. His strategy begins with active listening. The client will have his full attention on the first day, and he will start responding to them in the second session. Likewise, the case will be wrapped in the third or fourth session and at times up to six.

“Many of my clients have commented that their sessions with previous consultants was turned out to be a money focused business at the end of the day. I don’t want to mention any name here but seeing the long list of Instagram profiles with baseless facts worries me” Sandeep quoted.


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