Abhijeet Suresh Nikam A Taxation Expert and Financial Management Professional with a Stellar Career

Abhijeet Suresh Nikam,

Abhijeet Suresh Nikam, a highly skilled professional in the domains of Direct and Indirect Taxes, accounting, and financial management, has made a significant impact in his field. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Abhijeet has excelled in handling various tax matters, including Income Tax, Indirect Tax Laws, GST, VAT, Customs, and more. He possesses a multitude of qualifications, including degrees in Commerce, certifications as a GST Practitioner, IIBF and IRDA, and several national and international certifications.

Abhijeet’s educational journey began with his secondary and higher secondary education in Commerce from the Maharashtra Board, where he achieved top ranks in both examinations. He pursued his Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) degree from Bunts Sangha’s S.M.Shetty College of Science, Commerce, and Management Studies in Powai, Mumbai. Building upon his strong foundation, he went on to earn a Master of Commerce (Honors) degree from the University of Mumbai. Additionally, he holds a Government Diploma in Co-Operative Accountancy and a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management from NMIMS.

Starting his career as an executive at GSC Intime Services Pvt. Ltd., Abhijeet provided crucial tax-related support to the company. He demonstrated his expertise in handling Service Tax, Excise, MVAT, Professional Tax, Income Tax, and GST matters. His responsibilities also included GST migration and registration for various entities, gaining a deep understanding of Indirect Tax Law and Customs Law. Abhijeet actively contributed to company decision-making and payroll management.

Subsequently, Abhijeet joined WeOneSofttech Pvt. Ltd. as a Controller of books of accounts. In this role, he oversaw financial control, planning, forecasting, budgeting, and analysis. Abhijeet was responsible for cash flow management, financial MIS, and fostering strong relationships with stakeholders. He actively engaged in company law-related matters and strategy development, working closely with the CEO and MD. Furthermore, he handled tax returns, including GST, Service Tax, Excise, MVAT, Professional Tax, and Income Tax, on a PAN India level.

Abhijeet’s exemplary achievements have earned him numerous awards and recognition. Notably, he holds Two World Records, one for the “Most Appreciations Certificate in minimum period” recognized by Champion Books of World Records. He has also been recognized for his skills as a Mutual Fund Advisor at an Inter College Fest. Apart from his professional endeavors, Abhijeet actively participates in cultural programs, debates, and various social activities, including engagement with NGOs.

Driven by his vision and mission, Abhijeet Suresh Nikam remains committed to constant improvement and staying updated with the latest industry knowledge and skills. He aims to provide comprehensive assistance to Chartered Accountants and contribute to the growth and success of organizations. Abhijeet prioritizes compliance with all statutory requirements and strives for effective financial management. Through his work and collaboration with various NGOs, he aspires to make a positive impact on society.

Currently, Abhijeet is pursuing his Ph.D. in Commerce, focusing on the topic of “Financing Agriculture by District Co-Operative Central Bank for Satara District.” With his dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence, Abhijeet continues to make significant contributions to the field of taxation, accounting, and financial management, leaving a lasting impact on his profession and the society at large.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/official_abhijeet_nikam?r=nametag

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