Abaan, India’s Youngest DeafSoftware Developer, Makes Historyand Inspires the World

Abaan, Abaan Ali,

Abaan A is making history as the youngest first Deaf software developer in
India. He was born deaf in Uttar Pradesh and grew up in Indore, where he
lived with his family. Despite his inability to hear or speak, Abaan developed
a keen interest in technology and started experimenting with 2D video
editing and graphic design. From playing video games to editing videos and
movies, he quickly realized his potential in the field.

When Abaan was in 8th grade, he decided to learn website development
and CMS development on his own. He taught himself using online
resources since there were no educators who could teach him. He also
invested time in learning about web application and backend development,
which further fueled his desire to succeed.

At just 13 years old, Abaan became a skilled front-end developer. When the
COVID-19 pandemic hit, he quickly acquired a new laptop at the age of 14
and was eager to learn more about coding. He joined Whitehat Jr. to further
his skills, but since the platform was not accessible in sign language, he
started learning Python coding on his own. He continued to focus on coding
and researching, spending more time improving his skills and developing
smarter logic for coding. His exceptional skills and quick learning ability
enabled him to work efficiently and smartly, making him happy and proud.
Within a week, he was able to ace his coding test and emerge as the

Abaan’s skills and dedication did not go unnoticed, and soon he was
selected to work part-time at Yunikee, a company that recognized his
potential. As a front-end and PHP developer, he was given a TEDx-style
website project, which he completed within a month. His team was amazed
by his incredible work ethic, and his passion for technology made him stand
out as a young and talented developer.

Abaan’s ultimate dream is to own an IT company or work for some of the
biggest names in the industry, like Google, Apple, and NASA. His father
has been a source of inspiration and support for him, encouraging him to
pursue his dreams and achieve his goals. Despite being offered a salary of
6LPA by an IT company, Abaan rejected the offer because he didn’t like the
idea of working 9am to 5pm. Currently, he is still studying in school and
enjoys playing badminton and learning new things in his free time.

Abaan’s journey is a testament to the power of hard work, determination,
and passion. Despite facing challenges due to his deafness, he has never
let that stop him from achieving his dreams. He is an inspiration to many
and has proven that anything is possible with dedication and the
willingness to learn.

Overall, Abaan’s story is inspiring and unique, and he serves as a role
model for not only the deaf community but for anyone who faces
challenges in pursuing their dreams.

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