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Kavita Vijaywargiya

Pets are also taken out of the house for a walk twice a day, they are also taken care of that they do not go into depression due to being alone as it happens with animals too. In which category do people like us come because we look like humans but the situation is worse than pets.

I still do not understand why people are not able to accept the fact that people with disabilities are also like the same people, like their wishes….. have dreams and mind, in the same way every handicapped person can and does. People who are able to walk are able to come anywhere, if they are not able to come anywhere for a few days, then they start feeling so much restlessness and suffocation.

It takes us years to leave the house, so I have thought that whenever we feel like going somewhere, how would we explain to ourselves and the mind, that neither one knows nor does not want to know. It is worse than that when we express our desire to go somewhere and the answer comes from the front that what do you guys keep thinking.

The trouble is not that it is refused, but the tone and words in which it is spoken, the way gives the trouble. And being disabled does not mean that we stop dreaming, stop laughing, stop loving, stop living life. Disability no person chooses according to his will, accidents force him to live like this.

Yes one thing and even though I have faced so many troubles, pains, troubles throughout my life, but I have prayed to my God that never let me be the reason for anyone’s trouble, leave this world before it happens.

Let me do just that. at the end i will write just one sentence…

“If we do not expect our wishes to be fulfilled from our own, then whom else should we keep”

Kavita Vijaywargiya

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