Aryaan Sharma Relese New Song Ankhiyaan

Aryaan Sharma, Ankhiyaan,

Music is the soul of life and offers people to experience their varied emotions through it. In the last three decades, the music industry has evolved and welcomed the pool of young talents. From folk to classical to fusion and oldies etc., these singers have served audiences with flavourful rhythms and really raised the standards of good music. One of the phenomenal singers of these times is Aryaan Sharma.

After enthralling the audience with melodious hits like Kahin, Pal, and Life, singing sensation Aaryan Sharma is all set to entertain the audience with his upcoming song titled ‘Ankhian’. The song is directed by Honey Rao and beautifully sung by Aryaan Sharma will be launched on 28 February, 2023.

Along with Aryaan, the song features Punjab’s well known model Riya Shukla and portrays love. “Music has the power to bring souls together. No geographical boundaries can limit the spread of love through music” says Aryaan who is excited to share the song with the audience and will soon be coming to Jaipur.

This March, witness the beautiful and harmonious voice of Aryaan Sharma. This young singing sensation has won hearts and made people fans of his songs. His songs define the music of new generation and made his mark in a very less span of time.

Post the release, Aryaan will focus on more melodious numbers that are touted to be out in the next few months.

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